Sunday, May 30, 2010

Training continued...

Eric had to work yesterday and today. The past several day's he has been working at General Electric Healthcare and this week he will be working at another location. It really gives him a opportunity to see what he likes. As far as the different places where he carries out his security duties. Also this week he will hopefully be finishing up his training material and booklets and taking HIS FINAL! we hope and pray he will be successful in that and that he passes and that he will be able to move forward and maintain his job.
We would like to ask all of you. Our friends and family for your prayer's in Eric's behalf and us as a family. Eric that he does well on his completion of training and his FINAL exam and that he passes and is able to maintain and move forward in and maintain his job. And us as a family. That Eric and all of us as a family will not find ourselves in the unemployment phase and stage again.

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