Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Heidi here... As many of you may know i posted on I believe Facebook last night and or on my mom and dad's blog about the fact that my dad (Eric) has a Job Interview. Today is the BIG DAY!!! after his classes at Workforce services. My dad has been the past several weeks taking classes that are offered free of charge of course. And i think they have been to this point real good for him and beneficial.
Anyhow today at 2 PM is the "BIG INTERVIEW" he will be interviewing with MACY'S in the Fashion place mall. For a loss prevention/security position.

He submitted a application with them Thursday or Friday and by Saturday or Sunday he had a reply from them inviting him to a interview. That is taking place today. He re-did his resume and has been taking classes. So i am really hoping and keeping my finger's crossed for this one and hopefully it "Pans out!" and he get's the job. We are really hoping and praying for him to get employment and employment that will be good for him and our family and he can be successful at in every way and that will be constant and steady and that we can count on.

So again we would like to ask all our friends and family to pray for us all today and until we get a answer either way. And pray we get a favorable answer and things will turn around for us soon.

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