Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Heidi here.. So my dad has this month and last month been taking alot of the free classes that is offered by the Department of Workforce services. The most recent classes were having to do with resume writing and cover letter's and he has done such a wonderful and awesome job re-doing his resume. He applied for a position with Macy's in the Fashion Place mall on Saturday (i think it was). And by yesterday he had a invitation to a interview. The interview is tomorrow. So far these classes have been real beneficial for him and we are hoping praying that everything he is learning will help him ultimately and successfully help him get a job. We would like to ask you all. Our friends and family to keep him in your thoughts and prayer's and out family in your thought's and prayer's tonight and all day tomorrow and until we get an answer either way from Macy's.
Thank you all so much! we love you all!

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