Monday, May 17, 2010

First Day back to work for me (Marilyn)

Today was my first day back to work or should i say my first official day of work after training. I had last week off due to the last training class going through training.
I went and worked 10 hours today. My schedule is 4 10 hour shifts. I suppose i will get used to it.
I still don't have my log in information to get into the computer's. So i was able to listen to calls and do what is called "double jacking".
my day off is tomorrow and when i go back to work Wednesday i will see what Wednesday brings. I am real greatful for this opportunity to have work and to do my part to help my family. I hope and pray this job will work out for me and things will even if for a short time improve financially for our family and get back on track rather than get worse and continue the way they have been for over 13 months. I would like to ask all of you as my friends and family to keep Eric, Heidi and myself and our family in your thoughts and prayers. And that employment will also come to Eric and Heidi as well. And that we will always recieve the blessings and everything we need.

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