Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Eric- Interview today

Today Eric interviewed today for another position in Security with -- You guessed it. IHC!! - however this time he was given a job description paper and he brought it home. He said to me that he thinks and feels that maybe things gone somewhat better rather than what they have in the past. I do not know what to make of that or think of that. He should know something in a week or within a week. I an just really hoping as i know he is - that he get's this job or a job soon! i really hate the uncertainty and helplessness and feelings of hopelessness we have been experiencing and experience everytime he for one reason or another get's rejected in the end for these jobs. I hate seeing the disappointment and depression. I do not like feeling the worry of "what's going to happen to us ? (as a family) and the lack of income.

We are asking for continued prayers and now the prayers that he will be selected and get this job or a JOB SOON!!

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