Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I think my husband would not be happy if he saw that i wrote this on the blog. Anyhow I have been watching him these last days especially today. He went for a interview with Shriner's Hospital last Friday November 20, 2009. And to no surprise!!! he did not get the job and i think after all this rejection and difficulty he is experiencing and all of us as a Family are experiencing with him not being able to and not getting any of the jobs he apply's for I can see that he is and feels at times depressed. I think he is experiencing these feelings because he can't take care of and provide for his family and because the holiday's are upon us.

That being said... I know he would really appreciate and all of us as well would really appreciate extra extra prayers, thoughts and love and support! as we know we have been recieving your prayers, love and support and friendship and love- I think and would like to ask for the extra prayers etc. at this time!!

We love you all!

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