Monday, December 14, 2009


This is Heidi... Wanted to write and give you all a update! my dad had a job interview again with IHC on or around the 4th of December and he should know something this week- i think it's this week. Anyhow!! i wanted to write and ask that everyone- all of our friends and family keep him and our whole family in their thoughts and prayers and if they would be willing to- to participate in a FAST!! in his behalf and our behalf as a family. You can start it tonight or do it anytime this week. For the purpose of and in hopes of him maybe getting this job or a Job that is well suited for him and our family and he and all of us as a family can "EXIT AND LEAVE THE UNEMPLOYMENT STATE!" and that hopefully we do not get another rejection call, letter or rejection by silence. And of course i will keep you all informed.

Heidi and The Richhart Family!

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