Saturday, December 19, 2009


This is Heidi... Wanted to write and give you all a update! my dad had a job interview again with IHC on or around the 4th of December and he should know something this week- i think it's this week. Anyhow!! i wanted to write and ask that everyone- all of our friends and family keep him and our whole family in their thoughts and prayers and if they would be willing to- to participate in a FAST!! in his behalf and our behalf as a family. You can start it tonight or do it anytime this week. For the purpose of and in hopes of him maybe getting this job or a Job that is well suited for him and our family and he and all of us as a family can "EXIT AND LEAVE THE UNEMPLOYMENT STATE!" and that hopefully we do not get another rejection call, letter or rejection by silence. And of course i will keep you all informed.

Heidi and The Richhart Family!

The above message was written on or around December 15th, 2009! but, will and still applies to the message i am about to write. I do apologize if there is any repetitive writting/and information at all.

This is now December 19th, 2009 and here we go!!!

This is Heidi again anyhow Dad (Eric- yes my dad) Just informed us this morning that He has a interview yet again- Yes, you read right i said "AGAIN!" with IHC!! however as i write this message i got the other night some insight on how these "BIG!" companies such as IHC actually picks how they choose who (which applicant) get's the job after the whole inteviewing process is completed. Which is a process i personally thinks needs to be changed.
Anyhow say there is a company who has jobs they need to fill and they post the job listing and let's say there are about 1,000 applicants who they recieve applications and resumes from. They go through all the resumes and apps. And they narrow the applicants down to let's say 300! and then they start interviewing and then for whatever reason narrow it down to 25 and there is 10 positions. and out of that 25 15 or 20 of the applicants "are great!" well they need to make a decision right? so then what they do is all the interviewers put let's say 1 or 2 names of the people they interviewed and liked - all the names go into a "HAT!" and THE NAME(S) GET PULLED OUT OF A HAT! and the person whose name get's pulled out of the hat get's the job! I personally think the process of the person who get's there name drawn out of the hat - get's the job! i think that process needs to stop and the person who get's the job should be the person with the best experience and qualifications. They should get the job on there own merits and not because they got lucky and had there name drawn out of a hat! the whole prescreening process is fine.
but, the other part! not so much.

His interview is... actually i will post that info when i get it!! in any case if you all as our friends and family could keep us in your prayers and thoughts and maybe participate in a fast or fast in our behalf Starting today and any day this week- whenever is convient for you and or your family that would be great! sorry i feel weird for asking. Updates to come soon!

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