Monday, October 4, 2010


I hesitate to write this as i do not want to come across as Begging for anything from anyone.
Eric and i were talking and in our discussion he informs me that his company may loose one of their "Big" Contracts that being Chevron. However his company is hoping and working towards getting a couple of new contracts and clients one of which is Pacific Corp and he also is trying to apply for another job within the company (as i understand it.
If i am remembering things right they are trying to get 2 or 3 new contracts/clients.

So i want to ask all our friends and family for their help and that being

If you all could keep Eric and our family in your prayer's and thoughts- pray that his company get's and achieve's the contracts they are trying to get and that Eric's job will be preserved, and that he will be blessed to hopefully get hired internally for the position he is/will be applying for. And that Heidi and i can also find job's and opportunities for work.

That would be great...

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