Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Updates

Eric talked with his people at work. Here are some updates he had planned and been working up at the Chevron Refinery for the past couple of weeks. That has now changed to him until further notice working on assignment at Liberty park mostly afternoon shifts.
We are still hoping and praying that his company succeeds in getting a couple of contracts (new ones). One of the company's they hope to get a contract with we are very hopeful that everything with this venture of getting the new contract goes through and doesn't fall through. If all works out right work with the new contract/and project will begin in about a month.

We love all of you and we want to ask for your continued prayer's in Eric's behalf and in behalf of our whole family that things will work out with "what's in the works" at his work. And that his work and shifts won't completely end and stop. Also that Heidi and i will be successful in finding work and opportunities to make money as well.

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