Wednesday, October 6, 2010


There has been alot or some changes with Eric's job lately. It all started back in September when the hours have been starting and progressively been getting cut back. It hasn't been to bad so far.

Earlier this week and the end of last week we have been getting informed that they (GS4/WAKENHUT) may loose Chevron as one of their biggest contracts and clients they have here in Utah. Well that has officially happened. Eric will be able and has recieved a "Permanent/temporary" position working at the Chevron refinery up in North Salt Lake for the next month. It will be "Swing shifts". And in a Month hopefully his company and employer will have been successful in picking up another Contract and client or maybe two. Otherwise who knows what will happen in a month's time.

We want to ask for all of your prayer's for Eric and our family. That things will not get bad and that his employment will be preserved and things as far as work, shifts etc. will improve and that his company will be successful in recieving the contracts they are seeking. If you all could keep us in your thoughts and prayers from now till further notice this would be much appreciated.

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