Thursday, July 1, 2010

Working hard...

Eric is still working 12 hour shifts. Hopefully the long hours that started due to the oil spill up at Red Butte Garden's. will slow down and end soon. However at the same time we feel so blessed and are so greatful for the hours he has been able to work and for the blessings we have recieved and the ability to start being able to provide for ourselves and to be self sufficent. Eric last night told us that his Employer - G4S Wakenhut has in the last week hired 4 new people. We are hoping that doesn't mean that his hours and work won't decrease and we hope and pray that we as a family will continue to always be self sufficent and provide for ourselves and that we always have means to do so. We want to ask continued prayers from all our friends and family and those we love and let us all pray that Eric's hours don't start decreasing and that there doesn't start to be alot of time in between when Eric works and when he doesn't. And that he will pretty well stay full time. He's full time now but, you know what i mean.

We love all of you!

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