Sunday, June 13, 2010

Working long hours

As you all may have heard about the Big Oil Spill near the University of Utah and Red Butte Gardens that started on Friday. Well it all was caused by Chevron. One of their pipes and lines burst and was the cause of this. As a result of that the Security company Eric works for., Eric was called into work today and he worked a 12 hour shift and will be for at least this week. Hopefully this won't last long and that things will get back to normal soon. He told me and Heidi that today was the longest time in years he had to stand and walk all at once.

So we are praying for him and want to ask our friends and family to do the same. To keep him and all of us in your prayers to bless and help him and maintain his Well being and overall health and bless him to be able to do his job and not to have any problems physically that would prevent that. And as always pray that he will be able to maintain and stay employed for a very long time and to bless our family. That our family will stay on track in every way and we can recieve all the blessings we need.

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