Friday, July 9, 2010

He works hard for his money... so hard for ya honey...

I wanted to write and touch base with everyone to keep you informed how things are going with Eric's job. He is still working 12 hour shifts. He came home tonight and informed us that one of the bosses came to oversee how things were going. One of his bosses has arranged for him to only have to work 3 hours on Sunday. From 7 AM till 10 AM - he is happy about that as am i. He will be able to go to church Sunday. We really are proud of him and appreciate all the hard work he does for our family. We appreciate how hard he works for our family. He loves his job. We want to ask for continued prayers for his success in his job and that it will continue to be steady. Not that i am saying it will at any time not be steady. We just want to keep it that way. Your prayers are appreciated and we love you all. If the continued prayers for his success and ours as a family and in his job can continue that will be great.

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