Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We love Updates...

Heidi here... I think the last time i wrote was on the 20th! and i indicated that this coming up week dad was going to be in more training for his professional security license.

Dad went to class today and he actually finished the course today but, the State of Utah mandates in addition to the already 8 hour class he took last week.

They have to take 16 more hours of training. So since he finished his course today he still has to go tomorrow.

So that is what he will be doing. There is another "Armed" course tommorow night for 6 hours (if i remember right) so it will be a late night!

I would imagine that Friday he will be "Recovering!" Well see! and i think after tomorrow nights class there is another 6 hour class at the shooting range.

So hopefully he get's into that and that he does real well and scores real well- successful and high.

This license he can use for any Security/and Armed Job and will be certification he can add to his resume and job search and profiles and hopefully will help him be successful in securing employment.

So we would appreciate and ask that you keep him and all of us in your prayers that he continues to do well and is successful.

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