Saturday, January 16, 2010


It's been awhile since i have posted. So i thought i would write and give you all a update on how things are going. Well my dad is still looking for employment. He put in a couple of applications about a week or two ago one of the places is called Wackenhut. It is a armed security position. Anyhow he had to apply in person so he goes and applies, turns in the application and somehow he got there right on the spot a "impromptu interview!" he then after that was told that he needed to get a copy of his background check at BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigation), and had to get some kind of license which costs " a pretty penny!" anyhow he has done all that. And so this coming Wednesday he has to go to a CLASS! it's a 8 hour class and then after that is completed- the process will go from there. Hopefully this is it! and THIS IS THE JOB HE AND WE ALL AS A FAMILY HAS BEEN LOOKING FOR!" anyhow keep us in your prayers, and thoughts, and your "finger's crossed!" for us and pray that he get's this job or a JOB soon!!!
Will keep you informed.

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