Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Update on things...

This is Heidi here.. Anyhow as many or some of you may know., My dad applied for a job in Security and i think it is a Armed position- I THINK! it could be unarmed anyhow he applied at Wackenhut and after completing a application he had a impromptu interview and things. They scheduled him to come in for a 8 hour class today and after class today he got and now has a Temporary License (He is taking these classes to get him some licensing in hopes to get this job and or better and improve his chances at other jobs such as the one he is applying for at Wakenhut and other Security jobs). I think he needs to do more classes or whatever to get more permanent licensing and if he wants to he can get Weapons training. I do not understand everything But, i wanted to write and let you know and say "that is where he is at!" in the process. When i have more information and also a better understanding on all that is going on i will be sure to blog and update about it.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

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