Thursday, November 5, 2009


Heidi here- wanted to send a update on things as far as the job search of my dad and my mom.

here it is...

I Just wanted to write and let you know that yesterday my dad got a call from IHC and got invited to a Job interview for a FT Security position that if he got the job he would be working at TOSH (The Orthapedic Specialty Hospital) in Murray where the old Cottonwood Hospital was.
His interview is Tommorow Friday November 6, 2009 - So we wanted to write and ask if you and your families could keep him and all of us as a family in your thoughts and prayers today and tonight and all day tomorrow and while we are waiting for a answer on this job and pray the interview will go well and he will have our Heavenly Father's spirit to help and guide him to present and sell himself in a pleasing way and that hopefully the answer we are seeking as far as this job will be YES! and positive and that he may get the job! that would be great if you could help us with that.

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