Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Interview with WinCo foods...- for Eric...(DAD)

We didn't get a chance to blog about this last night but, Dad got invited to a interview today with WinCo foods today for a LOSS PREVENTION job. He interviewed with the individual who is in charge of Loss Prevention for all the stores.

However the person who makes the decision for that department i guess was not there today so we should have a answer within a week.

So we are still hoping and praying for Dad to get this job and hoping we don't actually get another rejection letter or rejection. We are hoping that he actually get's the job but, at the same time we hope the job that is for him and all of us as a family if it's not this one. Comes along real soon! we are asking all our friends and family to keep him and all of us as a family in there thoughts and prayers for the next week. That things will turn out for the best and that the answer we are hoping for as far as this job will be YES! and we will get the job.

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