Monday, October 12, 2009


Dad had his interview with IHC today! here is the low down! The group interview was first. There were 6 applicants in his group that interviewed. All of them were younger than him- in there late 20's to mid 30's. And the interviewer was young to.

None of them had previous Security experience - Dad was and is the only one with Experience. So you would think that would give him an advantage over the other applicant's. But, not necessarily! you can never count on anything these days.
Then after the group interviews each applicant had a individual- one on one interview. So we should know something by the end of the week! hopefully it's good news and not a rejection!

If you all could continue to keep Dad and all of us in the family in your thoughts and prayers this whole week- and pray we don't get a rejection! and pray we get this job (i mean- that Dad get's this job!) and the answer we are seeking will be YES!

We would really appreciate it! we need all the prayers and as many people as possible "pulling for us!" and all the "HELP!" we need.

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