Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Little Update...

Heidi-- Here... Just wanted to update everyone on everything! The three of us--
Mom, Dad, and I applied for a position with the New WinCo foods they are building 2 stores here in Utah one in West Valley City and one in Midvale, Utah- there was WinCon representitives headquartered at the E-center in West Valley City this last monday till yesterday (SEPTEMBER 14TH to 18TH) We got our applications Thursday! i know kind of late. It's been a real busy week! We picked up applications Thursday and they said on Thursday that all applications had to be turned in by 5 PM yesterday! so we are thinking "No Problem!" We go yesterday about 11 AM and when we get to the E-Center and are walking up to the door we see signs on the door that says "WinCo foods is no longer taking applications!" we get a little upset and freaked out for a few minutes - as we are walking into the E-Center me (Heidi) really irritated that they said one thing and did another and are walking to the area where they were based at. The door was closed up but there was a WinCo representitive and one of the E-Center security guards standing there and we were asking along with other applicants "What was going on?" well they had stopped taking and giving out new applications at 10:30 AM - but informed everyone that those who had completed applications those applications would still be reviewed and considered but, no more would be handed out. So alot of people turned away.

As it turns out they had between the 3 new stores (the 2 Utah ones and one in California) they had over 10,000 applicants - a HUGE RESPONSE! i guess bigger than they thought and anticipated.

Hopefully we will get at least called in for a interview. And maybe one of us maybe will get hired. Keep your fingers crossed and the 3 of us in your prayers! that we can find employment and SOON!!

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Emil Neagu said...

I hope you will get a job soon.
I'll pray for you all.
My PC was broken,now it's OK

Nice to be back online!