Friday, June 26, 2009


So dad went to that interview/orientation meeting for the Salt Lake Police Department last night. He came home and told us that the group he is in was one of the biggest. They started with over 100 (can't remember the exact number).

Anyhow there were individuals who for one reason or another dropped out so now they have the numbers down to 86. As people left since he was sitting in the back or towards the back he then moved up closer to the front.

Since he did that (at least that is how i understood it)- He is one of the lucky ones who get's a actual interview. They are interviewing Next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! His interview is July 2, 2009 (Thursday).

They are and will be doing the background checks and dad predicts that as a result of that more people will "drop out!" either because something on their background check will come back that is unfavorable or applicants will just decide themselves they do not want to go any further in the application process. Who knows!

The position will actually be in the records department and the interview will be conducted by a panel of people and there will only be 3 Questions!! He has to be there about 10-15 minutes before and they give him the 3 Questions to see and he can study them., He will also be taking a 1 minute type test.

They are not looking for speed - just accuracy!!!

If he get's this job the probation period is 6 months and he would work 2 months on day shift, 2 months on swing shift, and 2 months on graveyards. And then his "permanent shift" will be set from there.

There is about 86 applicants and about 6 positions... So we really would appreciate all your prayers and thoughts in his behalf and ours as a family! and the prayers that he will be successful in this application process and ultimately get this job!

We really need all of your prayers!!! and HELP with that. We as a family would appreciate it. I have a feeling DAD really wants and hopes to get this job and so do we.

Some other benefits of this job and "benefits!" DAD is real excited about are as follows:

Direct Deposit
Health and Dental Insurance from DAY 1
Sick Pay (Can't use for i think it was 6 months)
Annual Pay (Can't use for i think it was 6 months)
the pay starts at $11.97 a hour and you get shift differental if you work grave yards and swing shift.

and more...

Will keep you all posted!!!

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