Friday, June 19, 2009

Update from Interview...

Heidi again- sorry! i know i must be obnoxious. Anyhow dad had his interview today and here is where we as a family and he as a individual is in the application process.

1. Initial interview today
2. Has to go get a background check
3. If after he get's his background check and they "like what they see!" and nothing comes back unfavorable (which it won't).

then comes

3A. has to take a test in the next week or near future- and has to pass with 85% (or better of course would be better- but, at least 85% to continue to be considered.

He has a booklet to study with

and then comes
4. 2nd interview!!!

after that i assume there will be a decision made. so keep him and us in your thoughts and prayers that he can successfully complete these next steps and pass this test. And get this job and or a job that is better suited for him and our family!

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