Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well today is the day that my dad is going to that orientation meeting thing at the Salt Lake Police Department- for that dispatch position or security position he is applying for. And just to refresh people's memories about this job. All the applicants who apply are invited and required to come to this meeting and then after the meeting "thing"! Yeah i know i'm sorry i apparently am not sounding real intellegent at least not so much! anyhow after the meeting the people who will be invited for interviews their interviews will be set up for next week or the week after next.
We are keeping our fingers crossed and am hoping and praying that dad will at least be given a interview and the chance opportunity to do so and ultimately we are hoping and praying he get's this job. But, first things first! we at least want a interview!! so if all of you as our friends and family could keep dad and our family in your thoughts and prayers today and tonight we would so much appreciate it. I will post a update (i hope to) tonight or tomorrow!

Love to you all!
Heidi and The Richhart's!

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