Thursday, April 9, 2009


We do not usually share real personal matters or discuss things of a real personal nature. But, i feel that since you all are friends and family of ours then friends and family knowing is fine! as we all are supposed to as friends and family be there for eachother. Yesterday Wednesday April 8, 2009 - My father lost his job! the job he has had for almost 5 years (it would have been 5 years on December 1st, 2009). Basically and bottom line is that since he is SICK- he got sick in the last week. Anyhow he was and is still kind of sick! so there were other employees who could not "Deal with life!" and "mind their own business and worry about them and doing their own jobs!" Did not likw hearing him cough and so they were complaining for i guess a few days since he has been sick and went to upper management complained enough to the point where they (NPS)decided to just fiz and get rid of the problem and TERMINATE him because he is SICK and had/s a real bad cough. That is the bottom line. So we are asking that you all keep him and our family in your thoughts and prayers and pray for us and my dad to help him find a job - HOPEFULLY SOON! and one that will not treat him or anyone else like that and do to anyone else what was done to him. And one he can feel good about and be successful at and LOVE!

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