Friday, April 24, 2009

A Little news...

Hey everyone,
This is Heidi... Anyways i just wanted to quickly write and let everyone know how things are going! Dad today got notification in the mail today that he is qualified and will be getting Unemployment benefits for about the next 26 weeks. If he needs it of course. The letter said that based on all the info he submitted and the investigation they do when someone files a claim it was determined that he is not at fault for being terminated. And that his former employer will be recieving notification of the findings of The State of Utah and Work Force Services. They of course can appeal the decision. However we are hoping and praying that either

#1. They do not appeal the decision
and or
#2. If there is an appeal that no new info will be (what i call "Dug up!" No lies or anything will come up) or anything that will result in his benefits being terminated.

We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping and praying! and we want to ask that all of you do so (keep us in your thoughts and prayers) and continue do so as well.
with us in this matter and through-out the rest of this trying time and trial!

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