Monday, July 13, 2009

Update from Interview...TODAY...

Dad had his interview for the dispatch position up in Summit County (I apologize if i have in the past said Wasatch County) those are two different counties. Anyhow the position is in Summit County. Anyhow the interview was at 9 AM up in Park City area.

Well it was a interview... They told him that they would be doing a background check and he should have a answer in about 3 weeks. - Now the wait is on!! i think this will be the longest 3 weeks of our lives. So basically that's the update!!- If you all could continue to keep dad and us as a family in your thoughts and prayers and keep - keeping your fingers crossed that dad get's this job and or a job soon that if this is not the job for him and us as a family another one will come along and he will be successful and getting one better suited for him and us as a family ASAP!! we would really appreciate it! and also pray for us to have opportunities to bring money into the home and family and pray that we as a family will always have what we need and the means we need to pay the bills and take care of the stuff we need and that we can be taken care of and helped in every way and recieve all the blessings we need (it's all the same right?)sorry if i am being repetitive!! anyhow we would really appreciate it.
We love you all and you all mean so much to us!!!

The Richhart's !

P.S. i as a member of the family am just real nervous for him to either get a letter or a phone call saying he didn't get the job!

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